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Manning's Cute Little Cheerleader Problem

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As you might have noticed, sometimes we like to make fun of Peyton Manning's (heavily) rumored sexual orientation from time to time. But our degenerate gambler brother at Oddjack has a strange little scoop that implies Peyton likes to hang out with cheerleaders of his own. From former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Lisa Perry at Gambling 911, in the newest Playboy:

We were in Tokyo for a preseason game. Afterward I went to my room to take a shower. Other girls came in, and they were sitting around eating when there was a knock on the door. I figured it was another cheerleader, so I said, "Come in." The door opened and it was a couple of players. I was like, "Shut my door. What are you guys doing?" I m in a towel. It looks bad though I do look good in a towel. Sure enough, I got caught. A high-profile player, who shall remain nameless, was hiding in my shower.


Perry's bio is here; Oddjack confirms through his own sources that it's Manning. We love this idea; Manning's teammates find out which room the cheerleaders are staying in, barge in, dispatch Manning to the shower and then commence with the humping. The stern cheerleader director then shows up, the damage long since done and over, comes in and finds a sheepish Manning aw-shucks-ing in the shower. Oopsy! Sorry, Miss!

Peyton Manning Might Actually Like Chicks [Oddjack]

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