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Manny Has To Be Involved In This Somehow

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It's only been less than two years, but, if this eBay auction can be believed, someone's already selling their Red Sox World Championship ring. We actually went back to check to see if Jose Canseco had some role with this team; he didn't, so it's not him.

According to the eBay site, "this particular ring was given to an employee of the front office and comes with the elegant display box that is beautifully designed to house the ring." How much is it going for, you ask? Well, opening bid is ... $150,000. But don't worry: If you don't want to tell with the nittering nabobs of online auctioneers, you can buy the ring right now for $500,000.


The ring size is 10.5, which eliminates the tiny, feminine fingers of Theo Epstein. Pool your pennies, kids.

2004 MLB Boston Red Sox World Series Championship Ring [eBay]

(UPDATE: The attempts for the seller to remain "anonymous" don't appear to have been successful. Some rudimentary Web work reveals the seller changed his name to "nodarkside" from "vcruz2345" last week. Victor Cruz, who works in Player Development, seems a pretty likely suspect.)

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