We're pretty pleased that the Yankees won last night, not because we love the Yankees, necessarily, but because we finally have a series with a sense of competitiveness. Not only were the other three series sweeps, they were dominations; the Red Sox-Angels series was the only one that a game with an outcome in doubt. And that one ended with a 845-foot homer.

We always remember, like many, but for different reasons, the 2004 World Series, in which our Cardinals seemed like they were behind 3-0 at the beginning of every game. Some series turn out like that; that series, like the Cubs, Angels and Phillies fans the last week, provided not a single moment of legitimate cheer. All the excitement of reaching the postseason, and it's over with not even a drop of drama. It's probably best to try to forget it happened, or at least remember it in the playoffs next year. If you're there.