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Man's Ashes Have More Fun Than He Ever Did

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Dear tiny infant Jesus, or as our brothers in the south call you, "Jezus," please welcome Big George Helms (pictured here) into your Heavenly kingdom. But first, kindly bear with us as his remains take a couple of laps at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Then its over to the KFC drive-thru, and then straight to you, Lord. Amen.

George Helms loved NASCAR racing, but at 6-feet-5 inches and 400 pounds, he couldn't fit into a race car. When the 54-year-old died from a heart attack Dec. 28, his friends decided to help make his dream of participating in a NASCAR race come true. They did more than just take the Talent man's ashes to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway last week. Mara Brodeur of Medford approached race car driver Mike Harmon and asked him to drive Big George's ashes around the track. Harmon taped the urn to the fire extinguisher of his Nationwide Series car during the practice session Friday. Besides getting Harmon to take the urn for a spin, Helms' friends spread some of his ashes on the Las Vegas speedway. The rest will be returned to his mother.


However, as we see on the blog Bright and Early, this story is much better when combined with the Carl Edwards penalty story.

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