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Manu Ginobili And Boris Diaw Had An Adorable Dunk Competition

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

These days, neither Manu Ginobili nor Boris Diaw do much dunking—the former had just two in the regular season, and the latter managed just one. But after slamming one in Game 7 of the Jazz-Clippers series...


...the doughy Frenchman posed a public challenge to his friend and former Spurs teammate.

Manu replied in dadly fashion.


Last night, after watching the Manu Ginobili Game, and this dunk...


...Boris had only this to say:


Signing with the Spurs sounds like enrolling in a wonderful, nerdy summer camp for grownups. Do more dunks than your old pal! Compete to answer Pop’s trivia questions! And when you’re feeling down, Tim Duncan will take you out to dinner and talk to you for hours about computers and cars.

[h/t TX-415]

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