Champions League action resumes today, but who is America rooting for? The map above, using data provided by Facebook, shows which of the qualifying teams have the most "likes," by state. While Americans like to make fun of all the people overseas who randomly wear Yankees caps, it's a clean sweep in the U.S. for Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid, easily the three most valuable football clubs in the world.

There's less U.S. interest in European club football than there is in major American sports, so this map can't get down to the same county-level grain as Facebook's other amazing fandom maps. Nevertheless, you can still see a geographic trend emerge—coastal states tend toward Barça, while the rest of the country save Rhode Island is solidly Man U. A theory: Rhode Island has a large population of Portuguese-Americans, and Real has Portuguese-star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Data courtesy Facebook; special thanks to Robert D'Onofrio.