Map: Where In America Can You Watch Canada's Great Olympic Coverage?

Illustration for article titled Map: Where In America Can You Watch Canada's Great Olympic Coverage?

It's no secret that NBC's Olympic coverage kind of blows, especially compared to what our northern neighbors are getting. Leaving aside issues like lack of live coverage, schmaltzy human interest stories, and Bob Costas's eye, Canada simply gets more Olympics: 1,519 hours on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), compared to just 539 hours on NBC.


Some lucky, close-to-the-border Americans get CBC stations on their TV, giving them access to this more comprehensive coverage. (When I was growing up, I used to watch my Olympic coverage entirely in French, from a Montreal affiliate.) The map above shows which U.S. counties receive CBC stations: Detroit, Seattle, Buffalo, Toledo, and Burlington are the most significant outposts, but northern Maine, northern New York, and scattered counties in Michigan, Minnesota, and North Dakota get coverage as well.

The data are drawn from this list of DMAs with CBC affiliates, as well as the FCC's "Significantly Viewed TV Station" list, which is by county. It's difficult to be exhaustive, given that in many areas CBC channels are only carried on one TV package (like Buckeye Cablevision in Ohio). If you get CBC without a satellite package, and you don't see your county included above, leave a note in the comments.