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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Marc-André ter Stegens Silky-Smooth Assist To Luis Suárez Looked Effortless

It’s no secret that the greatest players in the world make whatever sport they’re best at seem ridiculously easy, but this assist from Barcelona keeper Marc-André ter Stegen—on his weak foot, no less—to striker Luis Suárez might be one of the smoothest plays seen on a pitch this season. It’s a pass so beautiful, you momentarily forget the courage it required from the German international to get it done in the first place, as he brought the ball down with his chest outside the box while an opposing attacker was nearby.


Huh, it turns out good things can happen when Ter Stegen serves as a team’s starting keeper. Maybe Germany could take note of this. Your move, Manuel Neuer.

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