Marcus Smart calling out Joel Embiid for flopping is a breathtaking self-own

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What was that about flopping, Marcus Smart?
What was that about flopping, Marcus Smart?
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The hypocrisy of Celtics guard Marcus Smart is mind-boggling.

Smart is one of the most valuable role players in the NBA and his leadership is one of the reasons the Celtics have been so successful the last few seasons.

But on Wednesday night he lost all sense of self-awareness when he called out Sixers star Joel Embiid for “flailing” and flopping to get calls.


This is the same Marcus Smart that literally has multiple flopping mixtapes on YouTube.

I understand that Smart was upset that Embiid shot 21 free throws, and felt like the Celtics weren’t getting any calls in their loss on Wednesday in Philadelphia. But Smart has to understand that the messenger matters on things of this nature.


No referee around the league will give any credence to Smart saying a player is “flailing” too much. Anyone who watches NBA basketball knows that Smart is on the floor more than a hardwood tile.

Embiid responded to Smart’s comments after the game:

Embiid is having one of the best seasons of his career averaging 26.4 points and 11.3 rebounds per game. The Sixers are currently leading the Eastern Conference with a 10-5 record and Embiid is quietly working his way into early consideration for league MVP.

It’s unclear if Smart will keep sounding more hypocritical than Ted Cruz’s “both sides-ism,” but what we do know is that last night’s matchup between the Celtics and Sixers could be a preview of an intense playoff battle this postseason. With probably a lot of bodies on the floor.