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Mario Balotelli Does Things (Including Wayne Rooney's Prostitute)

It's been a banner week in Super Mario World. Saturday, Balotelli scored two goals, fought over who got to take a free kick, was offered for sale by his manager, did or didn't get in a postmatch fight in the locker room, and yesterday, crashed his Bentley in Manchester.


He could perhaps be forgiven for his distracted driving, since the day before he admitted he'd had a "brief relationship" with Jennifer Thompson. Ms. Thompson is better known in the UK tabloids as "Juicy Jeni" the £1,200 dollar-a-night escort famous for consorting with Manchester United's Wayne Rooney while his wife was pregnant.

Rooney's former escort, who is apparently an amateur these days, first hooked up with Balotelli in February, two days before he scored a goal and lifted his jersey to reveal an "I love you" message to his girlfriend, Italian model Raffaella Fico. Fico is apparently "devastated" which is a lot coming from a woman who became famous for offering her virginity for a million Euros on Italian Big Brother.


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