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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mario Balotelli Kicks Ball Really Hard

Mario Balotelli dug deep in his bag, pulled out his driver, and damn-near tore the cover off the ball to score from 40 yards or so in today's AC Milan vs. Bologna match. He might not be as visible on a shitty AC Milan squad, but he's still capable of jaw-dropping moments of brilliance like this.


His team isn't really playing for much more than whatever dignity they haven't dropped along with all those points that have them in a horrendous 10th place, but that's in no way an indictment on Super Mario's play. His two feet are probably all that keep Milan in a comfortable-if-disappointing mid-table position instead of being relegation threats.

Here's a video of the blast:

In typical Balo-swag style, you can tell he knew it was going in from the moment it came off his foot, but he still struts off expressionless like it was any other goal. Play on, playboy.