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Mario Balotelli Used To Pee On His Teammates' Shoes, Just For Fun

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Like all lovers of joy, crude humor, and outrageous behavior, our hearts leap at the prospect of hearing new Mario Balotelli stories. This one, about Balo’s urinary humor, does not disappoint.


Kerlon, the seal-dribbling Youtube wonder, sat for an interview recently with ESPN Brazil. In it, he told tales of his time at Inter alongside a teenaged Balotelli, who, predictably, was a bit of a practical joker:

“Balotelli is a very nice guy and an extraordinary person, but he does some unbelievable things off the pitch (laughs). He had a habit of arriving at training before anyone else and peeing on all the players’ boots (laughs). Because of this, he and Materazzi were always at each other, it was very funny (laughs),” Kerlon told

“I’ve never seen an 18-year-old kid do something like that, and not feel sorry for any of it, even for ‘cobras’ like Julio Cesar, Maicon. And no one there was bothered either, because he was just a kid, they’d just put their hands on their heads like: ‘Ah, that’s just how Balotelli is’ (laughs). It was pretty funny to see him fight with [Marco] Materazzi, all in good humor, it made sense. They were busting each others’ balls, I think he thought of Balotelli as a little brother,” he recalls.


One day someone’s going to write the oral history of Mario Balotelli and it’s going to be the best sports book of all time.

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