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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Mark Cuban Appears On First Take, Spends Entire Appearance Trashing Its Hosts

It's no secret we're loath to feature the programming on ESPN's First Take, mostly because we value our remaining brain cells enough to not risk obliterating them by watching the ratings-deprived shout-fest. Ever since First Take turned into the Golden Corral of inane sportschat—complete with a chocolate fountain of Skip Bayless bullshit—we've mostly stayed away.

This morning, though, Mavericks owner and brilliant legal mind Mark Cuban dropped by the program to spend a half hour destroying Bayless and co-host Stephen A. Smith. Cuban discussed last year's Finals as much (possibly more than) this year's, providing analysis deeper than anything the Worldwide Leader produced in the previous 12 months—then explained to Bayless and Smith exactly why their own commentary is useless. Admittedly, attacking those two yahoos is child's play for anyone with functioning neurons—but it's still fun to watch.


We'd love to show you the whole thing, but here's the tastiest morsels from Cuban's gourmet spread of castigation. [ESPN2]

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