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Mark Grace And This Tramp-Stamped Bartender Have Apparently Met

Mark Grace is the type of ex-athlete Kevin Costner wishes he could play in movies but just can't because he's Kevin Costner. Hugging Harold Reynolds uncovered a story about Grace that, if true, enhances his reputation as baseball's patron rogue.

The story is a bit tough to follow but in summary, the woman in the above photo is a St. Louis bartender who, according to her, has been humpin' buddies with the former Cub/Diamondback for years when he's in town. She also claims that she defaced her back with a "Grace" tattoo to let any other partner she may have in the future who sees her from that particular vantage point that she is, in fact, permanent property of Mr. Grace.


Highly suspicious, yes, but HHR's correspondent went the extra country mile and tracked down Grace's agent, Barry Axelrod, who, miraculously, somewhat verified the story:

"Fellas: Just had a late lunch with Gracie and brought a print out of the narrative with me. I told him that he had been subject of an email chain and I was going to read it to him. As soon as I got to the part mentioning the (Bar name redacted), he just smiled and said "Oh, yeah. The tatoo" I didn't even get to the meat of it.

He asked me where this came from and I gave him the whole chain and all he wanted was for me to be sure to let you guys know that he does not recall asking her to marry him .. .. .. .. but upon further inquiry he admitted that he could have."

Mark Grace=Life Coach [HHR]

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