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Mark Grace Gets Jail Time For All Those DUIs He's Been Collecting

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Former MLB first baseman and Diamondbacks color commentator Mark Grace is going to jail because he can't stop driving around Arizona while drunk. Earlier today, Grace pleaded guilty to endangerment and DUI, and was sentenced to four months of work-release jail time and three years of supervised probation. Before reaching a plea agreement, Grace was facing a potentially lengthy prison sentence. From USA Today:

Grace pleaded not guilty in October to four aggravated DUI charges. His August DUI arrest was his second in Scottsdale in 15 months.

Grace faced from one to 3.75 years in prison on each count, Jerry Cobb, spokesman for Arizona's Maricopa County Attorney's Office, said recently.

Grace, a Scottsdale resident, was arrested about 9 p.m. Aug. 23 after he was pulled over while driving near 7200 E. McCormick Parkway in Scottsdale.

Blood tests showed he had a blood-alcohol content of .095, which is above the legal limit of .08, Scottsdale police said.

Grace also was arrested May 30, 2011, and subsequently his license was suspended and he was required to have an interlock device in his vehicle, police said. Charges against him include operating a vehicle with a suspended license and driving without a court-ordered interlock device.


That's a whole lot of drunk driving you've been doing there, Mark! But don't fret, Mark Grace fans. The man can remain your hero, because he never took steroids.


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