Mark Letestu Must Answer For His Crime Of Downing A Whole Mustard Packet On The Bench [Update]

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Screenshot: NHL

I’m sure Mark Letestu figured that nobody was looking. It was preseason, for one, and he wasn’t even on the ice when the stoppage of play hit. So it’s fair to assume that he thought he could sneak just one disgusting mustard packet in without everyone thinking he was a creep. He was wrong. The cameras caught him yellowhanded, and the forward, playing his first season with the Winnipeg Jets, will forever be known to the hockey-watching public as The Mustard Weirdo.

Ew, man. I don’t care what condiments any adult wants to glug in the privacy of his own home, but when you’re out in public, keep it the hell out of my face. Even if there is limited support in the general population for eating small quantities of mustard as a way to prevent cramps, that’s no excuse for TSN to beam that fringe agenda across the country and potentially normalize it. What’s next? Sriracha? Mayonnaise? Those little packets of duck sauce? How am I supposed to explain this to my kids?


As far as I can tell, Letestu was not confronted for his disgusting behavior in the postgame, so he has yet to explain why he did such a vile thing. If there’s any order left in Winnipeg, he’ll have to answer that question in court of law, in front of a jury of his peers.

Update (10:40 a.m. ET): I asked the Jets to explain the mustard, and they replied, “Our athletic therapists keep mustard packets handy to help deal with cramping.” That means there are multiple co-conspirators to blame for this abomination.