Mark Reynolds Is The Worst Third Baseman In Baseball

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Yes, even worse than Miguel Cabrera. Last night's Orioles-Yankees game only went to extra innings because Reynolds booted a grounder in the sixth inning that led to a pair of Yankee runs. In the top of the 12th, with the go-ahead runner on third and one out, Reynolds gave perfunctory chase to a foul ball that he figured was heading for the seats, only vaguely noticing when it landed on the grass 10 feet behind him.

Listen closely to the Baltimore crowd, not particularly forgiving of any tricks of the wind. One fellow speaks for his compatriots with "Reynolds, you're killing us!" Another is more succinct, repeating "You suck!"


Mark Reynolds is an utterly fascinating ballplayer. He's led his league in strikeouts the last four seasons, and errors in three out of the last four. And yet he can hit baseballs like no one's business—he just can't hit them that often. If there's a silver lining for Orioles fans, it's that it's only a matter of time before Nick Johnson gets hurt, freeing Reynolds to accept his birthright as a DH.