Jets fans are well-known to be a sane, sedate, and mannered bunch. The bunch pictured up top were attending the NFL draft, but they wouldn't look out of place at a library or country club. They're an asset to any community and never unsettling in any way.

But for some reason, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez didn't want them attending his informal offseason practice, reports the New York Post:

Yesterday's roughly two-hour workout in the late morning was guarded by five uniformed Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies (one of them openly sporting a shotgun) in four marked vehicles, as well as several other plainclothes officers at the entrances.
While the Jets worked out in shorts and without helmets on the sunken field below, Sanchez's security detail wrapped bright yellow police tape around the entire stadium and patrolled the parking lots and any potential vantage points.
What made the extremely tight security amusing is that for most of the morning, the officers outnumbered the would-be spectators not on the invite list as no more than a handful—mostly teens attending summer school or athletic camps—trickled by.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Jets don't want attention, and no one wants to give them attention. We will now duck because the sky is falling.

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