We Have The Surprisingly Cock-Obsessed Pilot For Mark Schlereth's Sitcom


CBS has ordered a pilot for Home Game, a sitcom about Mark Schlereth, ESPN analyst and former Broncos/Redskins guard. Why? It's unclear. Rob Riggle stars as Schlereth, while the role of Schlereth's cock remains unfilled. READ »
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Pilot Season


We Also Have The Awful Pilot For Colin Cowherd's Awful TV Show | Schlereth's not the only ESPN blowhard with a pilot. Colin Cowherd, sports talk's reigning king of the tacit slur, got a sitcom pilot from CBS too. It's not very good. "NICK HERD (fortyish, confident, good looking and well-dressed, though he'd never admit he tries)," the script begins. Then it gets so much worse.
• Cowherd's real-life co-host has fallen in love. HR-approved horndoggery!
• Never forget: Cowherd is one of the worst men in sports.



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