Mark Wahlberg's Doing A Movie About The Boston Marathon Bombings

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According to The Wrap, the most popular Wahlberg is planning to produce a movie for CBS Films about the Boston Marathon bombings with the working title "Patriots' Day":

The script, which is based on Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis' first-hand account of the tragic 2013 events, is currently being written by Matt Charman, who wrote Steven Spielberg's upcoming "Bridge of Spies" starring Tom Hanks.

It's unknown if Wahlberg will actually be in the movie, but really, what's holding him back? You think the guy who believed he could have stopped 9/11 if he was on one of the planes is going to just decline to be on-screen in a film about catching the Tsarnaevs?

Basically, this tweet is going to be real, but with Wahlberg instead of Affleck:


Photo: AP