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Yeah. Can you feel it baby? Thus start the lyrics to Marky Mark’s 1991 and only hit “Good Vibrations,” but if the former Funky Bunch leader is to be believed Roger Goodell’s answer is “No. I am not feeling it,” if the inquiry is in regard to HBO’s series Ballers, of which the retired rapper is an executive producer.

In fact, Marky Mark told Mike & Mike that the NFL commissioner—who oversees an operation that made $12 billion in 2015—made personal appeals over the telephone to him, saying “you can’t do this.” The former Calvin Klein model did not specify what Goodell—who earned $34.1 million from the NFL in 2014—meant by “this,” though we’re hoping the commish was protesting a Season 1 plot point that features Deadspin offering $50,000 for a photo of an athlete smoking weed.


Goodell—whose workday is packed with decisions related to the subjugation and peonage of the NFL’s “organized” labor pool of 1,700 men—also objected to athlete cameos in the show, according to Marky Mark.

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Update (July 17, 12:30 p.m.): A league source claims Marky Mark is full of shit.