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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Marlins Reliever Tries To Eat Giant Omelet, Fails

Illustration for article titled Marlins Reliever Tries To Eat Giant Omelet, Fails

A.J. Ramos knew he was in trouble when they brought the omelet out on a pizza pan.


On the Marlins' off day in San Diego last Thursday, Ramos and a couple teammates stopped in at the Broken Yoke Café. Only Ramos was game for the restaurant's Iron Man Challenge—finish your meal in 60 minutes and it's free, and you get your name and photo on the wall. What's in the meal, you ask?

It's a six-pound omelet, made with 12 eggs, a half-pound of shredded cheese, mushrooms, onions, and topped with chili. It also comes with three pounds of homefries, and two biscuits the size of your fists. Ramos wasn't intimidated—he saw who had come before him, successfully.

"I saw a girl on [the wall], so I was like, 'Yeah, I'm doing it.' She wasn't big or anything. She was pretty good looking, too. I'd hate to take her on a date. She might eat more than me."


It was the side dishes that did Ramos in.

"They make it and then the guy walks around with the platter and says 'Challenge,' and they ring a bell," said Ramos. "I was eating and 20 minutes into it people started coming over to see what I was doing. It was kind of embarrassing.

"When they brought it out it was on a damn pizza pan. I ate all the eggs. Usually I'll eat six or seven eggs normally when I'm working out or training, but 12 eggs was pretty beastly, especially when I got to the potatoes and they started making me full. My stomach was hurting the rest of the day.

"It was really good with the chili and everything, but when you eat that much of anything it started tasting pretty bad."

The Iron Man Omelet was featured on Man v. Food a few years back, and one employee estimated that only 400 patrons had successfully completed the challenge, out of about 10,000 who gave it their best shot. So Ramos is in good company. Can't say the same for whichever teammate had to share a bathroom with him that night.

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