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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Marquette Lacrosse Player Accused Of Dropping Acid, Punching Cop

Illustration for article titled Marquette Lacrosse Player Accused Of Dropping Acid, Punching Cop

Rough Saturday for Charley Gargano, sophomore lacrosse player at Marquette. He may not have the typical laxbro name (too ethnic), but he's got the hair and the arrest record.


According to the criminal complaint, Gargano went to a concert Saturday night (an EDM show, it seems) and took four hits of acid before heading back to campus. He claims he doesn't remember what happened after that. Witnesses do, though:

One of his friends told police he saw Gargano outside about midnight in the area of N. 12th St. and W. Wells St. and noticed that Gargano, clad only in a pair of shorts and socks, was rambling and had "extreme gestures." The friend said Gargano punched him in the face once.

A Marquette Public Safety Officer on patrol saw Gargano arguing with the friend and called for backup safety officers. Although Gargano initially followed the officers' orders to get to the ground, he then jumped to his feet and punched one of the officers twice in the face, knocking her into a concrete planter.

The officer suffered a broken left orbital bone, nasal fracture and swelling, and her injuries required eight stitches.

The officers used pepper spray on him, and eventually the Milwaukee Fire Department sedated him.


Gargano has been charged with substantial battery and faces up to 42 months in prison. If convicted, he will be kicked off the team. Downer.

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