Marshawn Lynch Flips The Bird, Is Fed Up

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The picture above was snapped before the Seattle Seahawks' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and it's a pretty good representation of how Marshawn Lynch is feeling these days.

There have already been reports that the Seahawks' front office is tired of Lynch, and now it's looking like Lynch has had about enough of the team that apparently can't wait to get rid of him.

After yesterday's loss, Lynch skipped out on his required session with the media, and will likely be fined $100,000 because of it. Before that, he stayed on the field at Kansas City and didn't join his teammates in the locker room at half time. Lynch was attended to by trainers on the sideline while the rest of the team was inside, and he later told's Michael Robinson that he stayed on the field because he "couldn't walk." Lynch also spoke to's Michael Silver via phone after the game, and he didn't sound too happy:

"Do I think I'll be gone after this season?" Lynch repeated, pausing to consider the question. "I don't know, man. The Seahawks, their front office gets in the media; they talk a lot. I don't talk too much. I just play the game.

"If they have something going on, I don't know about it."

Lynch also didn't say much to refute previous reports that he is no longer speaking with head coach Pete Carroll:

When I asked Lynch on Sunday if he and Carroll speak, he replied, "Pete's my head coach. Well, I mean, you know, he's really not in my position meetings. ... It ain't like we get to chop it up like that."


If you're a Seahawks fan who likes Marshawn Lynch, do your best to enjoy these last few games. You're not going to be able to cheer for Beast Mode much longer.

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