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Martin Truex Jr. Sounds Like A Pretty OK Guy

We received this email from reader Philip, about a run-in last week with a certain NASCAR driver:

So we're in Homestead, Fla., for work and the hotel bartender tips us off that a few drivers will be coming to town to do a few tests at the track before the upcoming race...

After a decent number of brewskies, Martin Truex Jr walks out and sits down at the table next to us. The least I could do is buy a round of drinks for both our tables. I do this two or three times (Captain and Dr. Peppers at Truex's request, which I found out are freaking delicious) and tell them about a coworker back in Maryland, the biggest Dale Jr. fan I've ever met. This guy forgot his steel-toed boots, which were required on the job site, so he left. Once he found out that teams were coming to our hotel, he was distraught.

He begged us for a Dale autograph when we told him Hendrick Racing would be testing as well. Anyways, I thought that this guy would like an autograph from any driver, even if it wasn't his beloved 88. I happened to buy a new pair of steel toes the night before. After giving Martin the background info on the recipient of his John Hancock, this is what I received from him.

If the pic is hard for you to read, one says 'U R a puss' and the other, 'Jr sucks, F U!'

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