Marty Brennaman, Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds, was asked what his greatest fear was during a Twitter question segment (during the game) and he levelled with us all. "That's a serious question...that's one that, uh, I would not make light of," he says, and holy shit, he is not kidding.

Thanks to LaymanJohn7 we got to hear "One of the big fears I have is dying in a hotel room by the pitch is strike one on a check swing that didn't check in time..." on the radio during a baseball game.

When I first heard this I thought it was at least some pre-game segment or something, but Marty just weaves the bleak reality of a life lived shuffling between hotels with play-by-play of a fucking baseball game. Which, my God, has got to be one of the darkest things said during a Reds-Cubs game.

Photo Credit: Getty Images