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Marv Levy Says His Novel About A Bunch Of Rigged Super Bowls Is Totally Fictional, OK?

Former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy has written a forthcoming novel, presumably to ride the sinusoidal arc of American letters back upward.

But there's a wrinkle with this tome, Between the Lies. In this one there are rigged Super Bowls.


The Chicago Sun-Times explains:

This is kind of crazy, but Levy has written a work of ‘‘complete fiction'' - his words - called Between the Lies, in which, among other things, the Super Bowl is rigged.
‘‘It's exaggerated,'' he insists, looking for all the world like that lawyer or history professor he probably was meant to be.
‘‘I never have suspected or sensed a whiff of cheating in any of our Super Bowls,'' he says.

Even when Scott Norwood's 47-yard field-goal try sailed wide right as time expired in Super Bowl XXV? Maybe there was a wireless chip or a lead weight on the ball. Or a mouse inside.

‘‘No,'' Levy says.

Come on, man, the people of Buffalo need this. Give them what they want. Just a little bit rigged? One unsavory, leather-jacket-clad character hanging around Norwood's locker? Please?

Marv Levy insists his novel about rigged Super Bowl is only fiction [Chicago Sun-Times, h/t tomuban]


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