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Marvel: No Road Rage Here

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Earlier, we reported — as much as we "report" anything — that "executive editor" John Marvel had left/been forced out of ESPN after an incident in the ESPN parking lot. Marvel apparently has his Finger On The Pulse Of The Sports World, because he saw the item and wanted to clarify some matters. First off, he denies any road rage story — as well as a few other rumors floating around — and says he's starting a new gig soon.

You can say what you want about ESPN and its editorial approach — it's subjective — the company has been very good to me.


He also notes that his title when he left was "vice president/editor-at-large," which sounds kind of like assistant TO the regional manager to us, but hey, we've been away from the office life for a while. (He switched from the executive editor position two years ago, he says.) He couldn't get into specifics about his departure from ESPN — honestly, non-disclosure agreements suck — but says, "that after nine years it was time to seek other journalistic challenges." So, there you have it; Marvel seems like a nice fellow, but we're still gonna be careful when we see him behind the wheel of a car, JUST in case.

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