Maryland Baseball Coach Gets Ejected With Explosive Rant

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Maryland baseball coach John Szefc got ejected during a tie game in the eighth inning today after getting pretty heated when one of his players, outfielder Marty Costes, was struck by a pitch. As Costes turned to jog to first, however, the ump called him back—saying that he hadn’t made enough effort to get out of the way of the ball and wouldn’t be awarded the base.

Szefc thought otherwise (logically, as Costes clearly turned as the pitch approached him and certainly didn’t look as if he was courting an HBP aggressively enough to be denied first base). So he came running from the dugout, yelling “fucking bullshit!” and variations thereof over and over at the umpire until he was ejected.

Maryland went on to score three runs in the inning without Szefc and ultimately eliminated Purdue from the Big Ten tournament, 5-2.