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Massachusetts Minutemen

1. So THAT'S what she meant! While vacationing in Boston one summer, I met a lovely girl. After spending a week with her, she told me she loved the Minutemen. Unfortunately for me, I was the wrong kind of "minuteman." The University of Massachusetts mascot comes from the Revolutionary War era where the soldiers were ready to fight at "a minute's notice." If you did not know this fact, then well, you are NOT smarter than a fifth grader.

2. Shame, shame, shame! We know your name! Despite what you might see when you go into the Mullins Center, UMass technically did NOT make the Final Four in 1996. So because then All-American Marcus Camby accepted money from an agent, the record books have put a Barry Bonds-esque asterisk next to the school's name. UMass fans hope that Travis Ford can lead this year's team all the way to the promised land, sans NCAA violations.


3. That's what I call a 1-2-3 punch! Gary Forbes and Ricky Harris are the No. 1 and No. 6 leading scorers in the Atlantic 10. Tack on Chris Lowe as the league leader in assists and you have the most potent offense in the Atlantic 10. If UMass is to have any chance at pulling off some upsets, Forbes and Harris need to put some points on the board. — Scott DeMange

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