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Matt D'Agostini Got Knocked The Fuggout

Chicago Blackhawks Andrew Ladd absolutely leveled Montreal Canadiens right winger Matt D'Agostini early in last night's 3-2 Chicago victory. More talk about head shots! Whee!

For coming into contact with another player in a contact sport, Ladd received a five-minute major for roughing, a game misconduct and an additional minor for roughing for what transpired in the scrum afterward. D'Agostini never returned to the game. Looking at the replay, it looks to me like Ladd caught D'Agostini with his shoulder, not elbow.


Will Ladd get suspended or subjected to additional fines because of the hit? Who knows? The NHL is anything but consistent in these matters. Here's Sean Leahy's two cents from over at Puck Daddy:

As far as supplementary discipline for Ladd? If history is about to repeat itself, don't expect Ladd to be punished anymore than the $200 fine he'll receive for being ejected from the game. Then again, it is the NHL we're talking about, so guessing punishment in this situation would be a fool's game.

Either way, I get the feeling will be subjected to further debate about the danger of headshots. Why can't we just enjoy professional athletes getting their brains scrambled without having to discuss all the long-term, health-related implications that these guys will be forced to endure? Is that so selfish? Yeah, maybe it is, but it doesn't take away from the fact that watching it over and over and over again is immensely entertaining.


Andrew Ladd gives us something to debate this weekend [Puck Daddy]

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