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Matt Garza and Bristol Palin Would Like To Talk To You About Teen Pregnancy

Yesterday, afternoon there was an important town hall meeting to help kids say no to teen pregnancy. (Not cool, Kids!) If a Tampa Bay Ray and a governor's daughter can't set youngsters straight, who can?

Here's a fact you may not have been aware of: 2008 ALCS MVP Matt Garza was a teenage baby daddy. He got his girlfriend (now wife) pregnant when he was just 17 and their child was born days after his high school graduation. So he can totally relate to the daughter of a failed vice-presidential candidate who also had a bun in her underage oven courtesy of a sort of athletic boyfriend. BFFL!


I was not able to attend "The Event To Prevent" babies having babies—I lost my ticket—but Twitter provides all the emotional support I need. Garza admitted he was not prepared for his responsibilities and Bristol says being a mom is a 24-hour-a-day job, not counting the hours you spend giving TV interviews. So wait until you're a famous major league pitcher and then starting have all the sex, okay guys?

There is one question that's still unanswered, however: Who did Hayden Panettierre knock up?

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