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The Mets held a press conference for Matt Harvey this afternoon, during which Harvey looked humiliated while apologizing to the organization and the fans he let down by not showing up to Citi Field on Saturday night.


Harvey confirmed a report that he was out partying on Friday—which his teammates reportedly noticed was Cinco de Mayo—and that it was “past curfew.” Page Six reported he was at popular bar 1Oak until 4 a.m. Saturday morning.

He also confirmed he then went golfing Saturday morning.

On Saturday Harvey reportedly said he had a headache after golfing, didn’t show up to Citi Field for batting practice, there was some sort of a communication issue, the Mets sent someone to his apartment to check on him, and whatever happened was enough to piss off the Mets enough to punt on Sunday’s game by calling up a AAA reliever to fly overnight to replace Harvey, who was suspended without pay for three days.


During his presser today, Harvey said he hasn’t decided whether or not he’s going to file a grievance.

Harvey said he’s “extremely embarrassed” about his actions. The Mets scheduled him to pitch Friday in Milwaukee. They reportedly do not want to foster a “hostile” situation with him making a start Wednesday at home at Citi Field.


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