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Matt Harvey Took Out Insurance On His Arm

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The controversy over Matt Harvey’s innings limit turned out to be a lot of nothing: the Mets merely skipped Harvey’s starts and gave him shorter outings, and he’s off the leash for however long this playoff run lasts. But that doesn’t change the fact that Harvey’s already thrown 23 more innings than his previous career high. We don’t yet know enough about how pitchers ruin their arms to predict what this will mean for Harvey’s future health, but now, at least financially, he’ll be covered if things go bad.

CBS Sports reports that agent Scott Boras obtained an insurance policy on Harvey’s right arm at the end of the regular season, which will pay off if Harvey’s health suffers before he can cash in—he’s got three more arbitration-eligible seasons before hitting free agency.

The insurance is a two-tiered type, with a certain payout if there’s a loss of earnings based on a slippage of performance, and a different payout if his promising career ends early.


Harvey suffered a bruise on the tricep of his pitching arm when he was struck with a liner in the sixth inning of Game 1 against the Cubs, and for a while there it wasn’t certain that he’d be able to make his next start. But things are all good now—he’s feeling fine and had a normal workout yesterday.

When asked how Harvey looked playing catch, pitching coach Dan Warthen said, “Very handsome.”

Harvey is in line to start Game 5...if necessary, of course.

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