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Matt Jones: The Cocaine Won't Make You Faster, Son

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Jacksonville (LA?) Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones was busted in Arkansas for cocaine and marijuana possession early this morning. Jones, the former Razorback's quarterback who switched to wide receiver to help his NFL draft stock, was pinched last night along with a carload of other dudes in a shady area in Washington County.


According to the Florida Times-Union, Jones was mid-chop when the fuzz arrived:

The police report said that three Fayetteville officers were walking toward an unlit parking lot when they spotted a white Toyota 4Runner parked with several people inside. The area is known for thefts and drug use, the report said.

One of the officers walked up to the passenger side rear door and saw Jones sitting inside. The report said he had in his lap a white card with a white powder and a credit card in his hand that he was using to chop up and scrape the powder.

The officer opened the door, identified himself and ordered Jones to put his hand in plain view. Jones did not initially comply and the officer pulled out his gun, keeping it at the “low ready,” the report said. Jones was then ordered out of the vehicle and complied.

I guess this means that break-out fantasy year from him will have to wait another season.

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