Matt Kemp Poses Shirtless, Sometimes Spends Too Much On Clothes, Wants A Woman He Can Shop With

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Matt Kemp, the Dodgers outfielder who counts Rihanna among his ex-girlfriends, is having an MVP-caliber season. He recently gave an interview to Flaunt magazine in which he revealed a bit about his tastes in both clothes and women.

Kemp earned $4 million last season and $6.95 million this season. And yet:

Sometimes, I offer, do you go too far?

"Sometimes," Kemp replies. "There's times. You've got to set a little budget for every month or two for yourself. If you go over that budget, it means that you have do less next month. It's all about saving money. But looking good at the same time."


Must be tough. But if you're a woman hoping to win Kemp's heart, be aware that you damn well better know what kind of shoes to wear, so you can help him with his look, too:

Somebody that you can go shopping with?

"Definitely," he says. "Somebody that can help me [shop]. I love looking and seeing what kind of shoes women wear. I think that tells me if a person knows what they're doing. To me, shoes are…" Kemp trails off. "If I like your shoes, and you're pretty, that's a good quality. As well as being confident."


It's not all about clothes and shoes with Kemp, though. He also says he values confidence, positivity, family and someone who can make him a better person. In case you were wondering.

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