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Matt Leinart Nurses Ailing Shoulder with Glute Pinching Exercises

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Rumors are swirling about Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart's ailing shoulder, and whether or not said shoulder should be put under such duress as it must have been while allegedly throwing Britney Spears all over the place last weekend and playing Redbirds Grabass with many an ususpecting female last weekend at nightclubs in Arizona:

An eyewitness reports that Spears appeared not to be wearing underwear Friday night while she partied—and made out with—football star Matt Leinart at the Jackrabbit Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona. "When she was bending over I saw her white butt," the eyewitness tells me.

Whether or not Leinart noticed her bare bottom is unknown, but he seemed to take a liking to at least one other. "Matt grabbed a woman's butt prior to making out with Britney," my eyewitness says. "He walked by her, grabbed her butt and winked at her."


Ah, the joys of becoming a new father.

Is Underwear Still Not Fun to Wear for Britney Spears [PlanetGossip]

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