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Matt Leinart Wasting Opportunities Already

This image was lost some time after publication. has gotten Matt Leinart to document his draft process with a "Draft Diary," detailing his experiences in the days leading up to the NFL Draft.

Unfortunately, he's chosen to treat it like a 2nd grade "What I Did Last Summer" essay, as opposed to the Penthouse Letter that it probably could be. Imagine the draft diary that Matt Leinart could put together if he was interested in being completely forthcoming. The partying, the drinking, the ladies... instead, we get gems like:

"I've been at my parents' house in Orange County. It's so nice."

"I like getting up and relaxing all day."

"I just wanted to get a chance to meet [general manager] Floyd Reese. I liked Mr. Reese a lot."

"I went to a Billy Joel concert at the Staples Center on Wednesday. Billy Joel was rockin'. I went with my family and had a great time. I'm a huge fan. We were all waiting for "Piano Man." It was his last song. He saved the best for last."


Thanks for nothing, Matt Leinart.

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