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Matt McGloin’s Brother Calls One Eagles Beat Writer Fat, Another Poor

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When the Eagles pulled Carson Wentz in last night’s preseason game, Philly fans did what they do best: Booed. It wasn’t anything in particular against the team’s current backup, Matt McGloin. Fans just wanted to see Wentz.

Not that McGloin has been great in the team’s previous two preseason games. In the opener against Green Bay, Doug Pederson had McGloin throw 42 times for some ungodly reason. He didn’t look very good then, and he didn’t look very good in his second appearance either.


Anyway, two Eagles beat writers tweeted about McGloin coming in and the boos that ensued.

One man who was at the game last night that wasn’t booing was Paul McGloin, Matt’s older brother. He did not take kindly to Reuben Frank’s and Jimmy Kempski’s tweets.


Yes, McGloin compared Frank to a late reality TV star and registered sex offender. Frank ignored McGloin’s tweet, but Kempski decided to retort. That led to more tweeting back and forth.


Kempski’s joke was that Matt McGloin was going to get cut; Paul didn’t seem to get it. Whatever.

On cue, Matt McGloin came into the game and threw an awful interception. The rest of the way, though, he was pretty good! The Penn State Grad ended up going 22-for-26 for 155 yards, a touchdown and a pick. Nothing amazing, but he was playing with backups.


Matt’s solid play didn’t make Paul feel that much better, it seemed like. According to Kempski, Paul McGloin actually came down to yell at him. He writes to Deadspin:

There are elevators that go from the press box to a lobby area of the stadium, which we walk through to get to the locker rooms. After games there’s a mix of fans, media people, security, and others passing through that area. It’s typically busy and noisy in there. As I was walking through the security checkpoint to head toward the locker rooms, I faintly heard my name being yelled, and I identified McGloin’s brother from his Twitter bio, yelling at me like a maniac from around 30 feet away. I couldn’t exactly decipher what he was saying because I was hustling to get to the head coach’s press conference in time, but there was a “scumbag” mixed in there.


Kempski flipped Paul McGloin the bird, as Paul tweeted, while he was being called out.

Incidentally, the Eagles beat the Dolphins 38-31.

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