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Matters Are Not Improving For Vin Baker

There's always been a little part of us that feels bad for Vin Baker. The guy's life fell apart after the NBA lockout, his weight blowing up and a serious alcohol problem turning him into that family member who looks a little worse every Christmas you see him. And now he's officially broke.

Actually, he's not just broke; he's making his parents broke as well. Which, sadly, they should probably be used to by now.

Baker's restaurant closed recently and the bank that financed it claims it is owed close to $900,000 in unpaid loans. Also named in the suit are Baker's parents, who apparently put $400,000 into the failed venture last spring.


That's legitimate faith in your kid: A willingness to invest $400,000 in your son's restaurant even when that son is Vin Baker. They'd have been better off with Worldcom.

Last Call On Vin Baker's Restaurant [You Been Blinded]

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