Max Pacioretty Carted Off Ice On Stretcher After Scary Zdeno Chara Hit

In the second period of tonight's Bruins-Habs game, with Montreal leading 4-0, Boston defenseman Zdeno Chara delivered this blow to Montreal wing Max Pacioretty, riding him headfirst into the stanchion between the benches.


Pacioretty was stretchered off the ice, Chara was given a five-minute penalty and a game misconduct, and the referees declared the period over.

According to the AP, Pacioretty was conscious and moving his extremities when he arrived in a hospital later this evening.

The pair had a shoving match after a game in January, but, after the game, Chara denied taking a cheap shot:

It's very unfortunate. Things happen in the game. It just happened that he got hit in the head by the glass extension. It's not my style to hurt somebody. I always play hard. I play physical. But I'm not ever trying to hurt anybody. Hope he's OK.

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