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May The Cubs Never Stop Mashing These Dingers

This is a screenshot of a Cubs fan losing his mind right after Kyle Schwarber hit a ball so goddamn hard that it exited our atmosphere and now lies sprinkled amongst the stars like cosmic dust. Schwarber’s climactic tater was the Cubs’ third of the game, which when combined with the six-homer assault they launched in Game 3, has the team averaging one long ball every other inning over the last two games.


Here are all three homers from last night:

You’ll notice that by the time Schwarber’s homer left the yard, the stadium had lost its collective mind so thoroughly that the broadcast camera was actually shaking.


It’s not just that the Cubs are hitting a lot of homers, it’s that they have a lineup that feels specifically constructed to hit big homers. Jorge Soler can turn a fastball around as hard as anybody in the league when he runs into one, and Schwarber, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant look like they could play for the Gas-House Gorrilas. Even little Javier Baez, who hit ninth and crushed the first homer of last night’s game, has one of the game’s more absurd power swings. And they’re all learning tricks from Manny Ramirez, to boot.

All of this is to say that the Cubs are incredibly fun to watch right now, and I hope they keep doing this for as long as their postseason run lasts.


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