There's so much going on in this news report from Siberia that it's easy to forget that a 7-foot heavyweight boxer (Nikolay Valuev) is trying to play soccer against a 5-foot-7 footballer (Andrey Arshavin) for charity. But that's what it is, and here's why:

This year, on national Russia Day, the officials presented their citizens with a treat – an exotic charity event, with Andrey Arshavin and Nikolay Valuev playing the key roles.

"I've spent three days here, and had a tight schedule. I've visited several orphanages and unveiled a new football stadium. I've met the officials and discussed lots of the issues. In the near future, the Kemerovo Region will probably host several important sporting events, and I want to be involved in making sport more affordable in Siberia," Nikolay Valuev said.

But it was not just about promoting sport in the region as Arshavin spent time getting to know the locals.

"I was impressed by the number of weddings I've witnessed here so far. And many of the couples had their photos taken with me. So I hope that, when they look at these pictures in their family albums, it'll make them smile," he said.


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