McNabb Now Officially A Redskin And The Eagles Are Now Officially Demolished

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The longest tenured Philadelphia Eagle right now is safety, Quintin Mikell, who has been with the team since 2003.

That guy up in that photo, the smiling guy who bears a strong resemblance now to the father from "Family Matters," is the new quarterback of the Washington Redskins. He used to be around here for a while, chucking balls in the dirt, barfing in the huddle during Big games, being weird and standoffish and too cocky for most of South Philadelphia to handle because he didn't win one or ten Super Bowls while he was in town. He won a lot of games, but he never won BIG games, they said. And those not-so big games he won? The defense won those games.

Plus, he smiles too much. How can he smile so much if he's never won a BIG game?

So McNabb's gone. Brian Westbrook is gone. Brian Dawkins is gone. MAMULA is gone. Essentially, the Andy Reid Eagles are gone. Architect and destroyer, that Andy.


I just think he could have given that smiling guy up there one more year to do something here. Because that smiling guy just made the Redskins a better team and Nationals fans happy for one day.



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