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With the NBA Playoffs just around the corner, we could think of no better time to take a look at the ongoing phenomenon that is Charles Barkley.

One of our favorite things about Barkley is that he somehow balances being able to say the outrageous in a way no one else can while still opining on serious topics and not being laughed out of the room. This is an extremely difficult task. We're not sure we'd want him to be our governor, but hey: Last we checked, our governors were either soliciting truly epic amounts of prostitutes, or snorting coke, doing it with assistants and being blind. So maybe Charles would be fine.


The playoffs, though, is when Barkley truly shines. We've enjoyed many, many late night Barkley tirades, usually about a player who choked, or something similarly gruesome.

Note: Frank Caliendo has nothing to do with this vote.

So: Do you like the Charles Barkley? Do you not like the Charles Barkley? Go!

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