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Media Approval Ratings: Dick Vitale

Now that Dickie V is back and at full throat capacity, perhaps it is time to judge him.

Whatever your thoughts on Vitale — and while working during ESPN Bracketology yesterday, we actually had to turn down our television set when Vitale was on so we could concentrate — it did seem strange not having him be a part of college basketball during his surgery. Though bringing him back for Duke-UNC seemed almost cruel; it's like they were trying to get him to blow out his voice right then and there, all over again.


Anyway, Vitale won't get to broadcast any tourney games once again this year, but we've all gotten used to that. It's probably for the best, actually, whether you like Vitale or not. Duke can only play so many games, after all.

So: Do you like the Dick Vitale? Do you not like the Dick Vitale?


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