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Media Approval Ratings: John Buccigross

We've noticed an awful lot of John Buccigross on "SportsCenter" lately, and that's probably a testament to his abilities to maneuver over there. He somehow escaped hockey jail.

Here's a fun bit from Buccigross' Wikipedia page.

Buccigross described himself in a 2006 column: "I'm 6-foot-4, 192 pounds. Taylor Made r7 irons. Big Run-DMC fan. Love chicken parm. Once played golf with Ray Bourque and tried to intentionally three putt from 30 feet so I could say I shot a 77 playing golf with Ray Bourque. Instead, the slippery downhill putt went in and I shot a 75 not playing golf with Brett Lindros."


We're not sure what that means, but there's not a lot of info on the Web about John Buccigross.

So: Do you like the John Buccigross? Do you not like the John Buccigross?

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