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Media Approval Ratings: John Salley

We felt a little bad about this, considering we were just on the show, but we don't watch The Best Damn Sports Show Period very often. We think it's because we're in New York. It's difficult to keep up with what channel it's even on; we have a lot of sports stations in NYC. But no Big Ten Network or NFL Network!


Anyway, John Salley has actually been on the show in one capacity or another since 2001, which is a long time to be on any show. We always forget he was in the "Bad Boys" movies, and that he reportedly once dated Teri Hatcher.

Of all those Pistons Bad Boys, Salley always seemed the most sane. Though not always.

So: Do you like the John Salley? Do you not like the John Salley? Let us know, please.


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