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That Sound You Hear Is Teri Hatcher's Rapid Footsteps

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A couple of weeks ago, word escaped that Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher had hooked up with former Detroit Piston and current Best Damn Sports Show co-host John Salley. Well, we don't expect that relationship to last much longer.

The wonderful human beings at have gotten a hold of a complaint against Salley filed last Friday by an ex-girlfriend. According to the lawsuit, when the woman tried to break up with Salley, he stayed outsider her apartment until 5 a.m. on Valentine's Day of this year, pounding on the door. And the suit even says that he told her, "You don't know what you do to me. I actually saw myself killing you and how I did it." A few days later, according to the report, he assaulted her.

No word yet from Salley yet. He is scheduled to be on the show tonight with guests Hulk Hogan and Ice Cube. (They were also not available for comment.)

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