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Media Approval Ratings: Keith Olbermann

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Yes, yes, we know: Keith Olbermann isn't exactly a "sports" personality anymore. (Though he's still breaking sports news from time to time.) But Olbermann not only still does plenty of sports — it just doesn't seem like it right now, because the NFL's in the offseason and the politics world, most definitively, isn't — but he's such a large figure in how people consume sports now that he's still pretty towering.

We don't think it's a major exaggeration to say that Olbermann is sort of the Letterman of the sports world; back when he and Dan Patrick were hosting "SportsCenter," his perspective on sports was so new, so wry, so come on, this is sports ... this is supposed to be fun that you couldn't help but be intoxicated by it. In a way, Olbermann is a forefather of all this let's-puncture-a-few-holes-in-this-sports-world business. He also did a mean Jack Buck impression and inspired us to use the "6-4-3 if you're scoring at home ... or even if you're alone" joke about 40 times in college. Plus, there was that mustache.


You can vote on Olbermann's ESPN past, or his current Sunday Night Is Football Night work, or those ill-fated months with Fox Sports (remember when his head was haunting every hockey arena?), or his current "Countdown" show, his politics, whatever. We figure we just include it all.

So: Do you like the Keith Olbermann? Do you not like the Keith Olbermann? Let 'er fly.

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